Patrick Hannum has been my physical therapist for over five years. During that time he has helped me recover from several athletic injuries. I am an avid skier and swimmer. Patrick has helped me prepare for backcountry ski adventures and then assisted with repair when I pushed too hard. He diagnoses the injuries accurately and his hands have the healing touch.


Patrick Hannum is an excellent physical therapist. When I went to see him initially, I presented him with multiple symptoms, some as a result of a twenty-year-old accident, others from problems I have had for years such as fibromyalgia. He has helped me enormously. He performs both physical therapy and Rolfing on me and he is also helping me to do some Pilates work. I have come to realize that as I grow older, I have to continue to take an active part in keeping myself fit. I feel that Patrick has really facilitated that. Each time I see him, he always takes a current history and then proceeds to help ease my pain. I am extremely grateful to him.


I am a patient of Patrick's and just wanted to share the quality of service that is provided at this facility. What is paramount is the high level of expertise and the quality care that you receive. You are treated by experienced and knowledgeable therapists who provide treatment in a comfortable, clean, caring and friendly environment. They are attentive to your specific needs and aid you in obtaining maximum medical improvement. I have been a long time patient of Patrick Hannum Physical therapy and his continued efforts to support his patients are greatly appreciated. Thanks for caring Patrick!

Josephine Burns

Patrick has solved my back pain, neck pain, and arm numbness problems that had accrued after a back injury fourteen years ago.  Doctors, traditional physical therapists, chiropractors, massage practitioners, pilates and yoga all failed to make inroads on my health problems.  After only a few months treatment, I was essentially pain-free and now feel healthier than I have in years.  Patrick is a great listener, easy to work with, professional, and smart.  I'd recommend his practice in a heartbeat.

Nadine Chiang

I was knocked off my bicycle by a car and suffered from headaches, neck pain, and nausea. I could no longer ride my bike....even spin class bothered me. By the time I arrived at Patrick's office I had already been to a chiropractor and a different physical therapist, but I had not seen any improvement.   Patrick's body work and physical therapy has allowed me to get back on my bike without the nausea and dizziness and has brought back much of my functionality.  Though my symptoms have changed time to time, he has been able to pinpoint where to go to relieve the pain on a long term basis so that I have been able to gain my strength back.  It also helps that he is such a cyclist himself, so he can empathize and understand the importance of getting better.   I am very picky in terms of how I determine the effectiveness of therapy as I have had several past injuries. Hands down, Patrck is an extremely talented physical therapist and Rolfer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Nadine Knutson

In my years as a RN and as a consumer of healthcare and adjuvant services, I have been proud and fortunate to work with talented and caring colleagues and practitioners.  Patrick Hannum, however, is one of those few with a rare and natural coalescence of talent, interest, skill, and preparation.  He focuses his keenly attentive and probing intelligence to recognize and attend to what works for the individual client.  Patrick has been an essential and much appreciated member of my treatment team for my chronic, disabling condition.  Each session he works with me as I am that day and helps me get to a much more comfortable, mobile and able condition.  He is also a professional who continues to learn and who integrates that learning into his practice, much to his client's benefit.  I feel like he is motivated to help me do better and he gets that job done.